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Denver Watch Buyer offers a better way to sell Rolex watches and collectable timepieces. Our cash offers are the highest because our watch appraisals are the highest. Our Denver watch appraisers provide free, no obligation, watch appraisals every weekday. Our Denver watch buyers will appraise the value of your timepiece on the international resale market. Your free verbal watch appraisal is completed within a few minutes. You then will receive a generous cash offer.

Official written watch appraisals list your watch’s retail value. But Denver Watch Buyer’s verbal market appraisals reveal the value of your watch on the estate market. That’s why our free watch appraisal is what you need before selling a watch in Denver. Our verbal appraisals are more accurate than those provided by traditional Denver jewelry stores because we specialize in valuable second-hand timepieces.

Speak to Denver Watch Buyer today. Let our Colorado watch appraisers evaluate the worth of your antique pocket-watches, used Rolex watches, and more.

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